Why Clouberry

A better
way to give.

As a full-service corporate gifting agency, Clouberry is uniquely positioned to help you hit a home run with every gift.

Swing for the fences

With our gifts and expertise, you can make a meaningful impression instead of a token gesture.

Our gifts are …




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A unique way to find great gifts.

We don’t go in for 500-page glossy promotional product brochures. That’s not our style. We’re cut from a different cloth – tailoring our gifting concepts to suit your strategy, not vice versa.

After analyzing your values, marketing strategy and recipient group, we offer you a selection of items that suit your gifting campaign down to the ground. Your recipients enjoy a meaningful and zeitgeisty gift, and you take major steps towards achieving your goals. What’s not to like?

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Full-service gifting.

Clouberry covers every step of the corporate gifting process – from initial gift ideas to measuring the impact. Leave your gifting campaign in our capable hands, so you can get on with doing what you do best.

Whether it’s scouting or customizing a gift, designing an integrated PR campaign, coordinating shipping or tracking success ­– our full-service approach is a one-stop shop for all your corporate gifting needs. So all you need to worry about is how you’re going to spend your evening off.

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Committed to sustainability.

We strive to find sustainable gifts wherever possible. In other words, we scout products which employ materials and production processes responsibly as well as gifts which offer an extended useful life.

Companies can no longer afford to operate without a second thought for society and the environment. Corporate gifts and promotional items have a pretty checkered history in this regard. Thankfully, the tide is now turning. We can show you how to gift greener without breaking the bank.

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