Gifting reimagined.

German companies spend a whopping € 3.5 billion on promotional gifts every year – that’s more than on print advertising, online marketing and just about every other marketing tool. Yet gifts are often bought on the fly, with little consideration for sustainability and brand values. Friends, it’s about time we put this right.

Corporate gifting 101.

Just to ensure we’re all up to speed, let’s take it from the top. A corporate or promotional gift is an item a company gives to another party – be it a partner, an employee or a customer. This can be anything from a Christmas present to a trade fair giveaway or a one-off anniversary item.

Promotional gifts are commonly branded with a company’s name or message – we’ve all got a branded pen somewhere in our desk drawer. This in turn provides the company’s brand with regular exposure over the course of a gift’s useful life.

Why gifts are important.

There’s an inseparable link between your corporate gifts and your brand’s standing with their recipient. In other words – a useful or desirable gift can boost your brand’s standing, while a tacky or poorly-made promotional item can do precisely the opposite. That’s why it’s vital to find the perfect gift to reflect your brand.

On top of its importance for brand association, your choice of gift can say an awful lot about your brand. Your brand values should align with those of your gift. No company committed to sustainable business should be handing out disposable plastic pens at a trade fair – contradictions like this are not lost on anyone nowadays.

In need of some inspiration?

Enough talk already! Here are some gifts we’ve turned into great campaigns. Find yours today

We do things differently.

The corporate gifting world is still dominated by tacky promo items destined for the trash can. It’s about time we relegate this inefficient and senseless approach to the past – it’s bad for business and even worse for our world.

As other forms of marketing move with the times, so must gifting. That’s why we specialise in sustainable and zeitgeisty items with relevance and appeal for 2020 and beyond. Our gifts show your business from its best side, reflecting your ethical values over their long useful life.

How we scout.

We focus on finding zeitgeisty products produced by innovative start-ups from around the globe. This unique approach means that our shop stocks gifts that are often exclusive to Clouberry and as yet undiscovered in Germany. Numerous products in our online shop have picked up awards for their outstanding design. We select products based on the following criteria.


Dancing in step with our times


Environmentally sound


Tacky trash need not apply


Useful is as useful does


Breaking new ground


Deliciously desirable


Be it ingenious or eye-catching


Easy to

Co-branding works.

We only source our gifts from brands that operate in line with sustainable principles. We then offer these gifts to your brand for use in a campaign. This unique model means that gifts can be customized with co-branding – a win-win situation for the standing of both brands. No more shoddy merch. Just desirable gifts with ethical values.

Ready to get your feet wet?

Together we can step up your corporate gifting game. Come on in, the water’s fine.