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Gifting reimagined.

Your company can do so much better than a branded pen and a bottle of wine at Christmas. When we scout corporate gifts, we think fresh, sustainable and zeitgeisty. So drop us a line and let us do the thinking for you.

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So what exactly are corporate gifts?

Let’s take it from the top. Corporate gifts are items that a business gives to someone as a present – be it a partner, a customer or an employee.

Christmas is a great opportunity to give a corporate stocking-filler, while trade fairs, competitions, reward programs and anniversaries are all perfect giveaway opportunities.

Corporate gifts – also known as promotional merchandise – are usually branded in some way. This inextricably links your brand to the gift, for better or worse. Luckily for you, you can call on our expertise to ensure it’s always for the better.

What makes
our gifts so special?

First and foremost, our gifts are zeitgeisty. Before you go reaching for that dictionary, allow us to explain – the items we provide are of the zeitgeist. *

In practice, this means our gifts and concepts are modern, innovative and have their finger on the collective pulse. Our scouts search for groundbreaking concepts that boldly stride ahead of the trend, offering maximum value in the here and now.

*  No relation to its noisy neighbor the poltergeist.

Wherever possible, we provide sustainable gifts. Why? Because it’s time to take out the unwanted trash. Branded or otherwise.

We view sustainability in two ways. Firstly, sustainable gifts should aim to minimize their impact on the environment – whether by using eco-friendly materials, low-impact production methods or carbon offsetting. Secondly, we believe sustainable gifts are items that are made to last – and enjoyed for years instead of decorating a landfill.

The next one’s a no-brainer, at least in our book: Gifts should offer added value by the bucket load – and not just for your business, but also for the intended recipient.

Added value describes the extra advantages gained from a product which go beyond its actual monetary value. So by giving great gifts, your business not only benefits directly through follow-up sales, but also realizes better brand recognition and effective brand building. In turn, your customers enjoy added value in finding good use for the gift they’ve been given. The best gift for adding value? A calculator, obviously.

Small illustration of the term "Customizable".

We aim to make every gift yours. And that means customization. Though this aspect of corporate gifting has a venerable history (you’ve likely got a branded pen somewhere in your desk drawer), we love taking it to a whole new level.

A little customization can go a long way. Adding a logo to a gift achieves brand exposure over the item’s entire useful life, while dressing the design up in your corporate colors can do wonders for brand recognition. Want to personalize the packaging or add a witty message? You got it. And it doesn’t stop there – produce soap in the shape of your logo, invent your own popcorn flavor or come to us with your idea, no matter how crazy. We like crazy ideas.

Great gifts, past and present

Enough talk, time for the nitty-gritty. Here are some gifts we’ve turned into successful campaigns.

How we scout

Instead of maintaining a fixed range of items, we scout and curate gifts individually for each campaign. This way, you get a gift that fits your brand and concept down to a T – every single time. We apply eight criteria to find which products make the grade.


Tacky trash need not apply


Be it ingenious or eye-catching


Dancing in step with our times


Breaking new ground


Useful is as useful does


Environmentally sound


Deliciously desirable


Easy to

Gifting ideas

In need of some inspiration for how to spice up your marketing mix? We’ve got all the right recipes.

Corporate gifting – done right – is one of the most effective ways to promote your brand and express your values. It has the power to turn customers into fans.

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Mark Christmas, Easter or a company milestone with a gift to remember. Pep up your product launch event or trade show stand with freebies that hit the mark.

Employee gifts

In the competitive corporate marketplace, gifts are a great way of showing top talents that you care. And loyal, long-serving employees clearly deserve better than a bottle of bubbly to ring in retirement …


Competitions are always a great way of generating customer interaction and reaching new people. Great prizes can turn winners into multipliers.

Rewards schemes

Rewards programs are like customer loyalty gold. Why? Because customers get to choose something they truly desire, which can only pay into your standing as a brand.

Ready to get your feet wet?

Together we can step up your corporate gifting game. Come on in, the water’s fine.