Corporate gifting is broken. We’re here to fix it.

Isn’t it annoying when a pen stops writing. Or an umbrella jams indefinitely at the worst (and wettest) possible moment. These products are destined for the trash can and usually sent to their grave with a eulogy of expletives. Our mission is to ensure your company’s gifts and giveaways leave a different legacy – one of a much-loved gift that lives a long, fulfilled life.

Our story

The launch event that changed everything.

A couple of years ago, Chalwa Heigl attended a product launch by a well-known German company. Though the event had been an unqualified success, the goodie bag handed out by the exit clearly hadn’t. Most guests had tossed whatever they didn’t need (the post-its) or want (the marzipan bars), and pocketed the rest. The river of corporate litter cascading down the street from the location was shocking.

It was a stark reminder of how much promotional trash businesses produce. In this age of climate change and CSR, thoughtless gifts like these are crude at best and utterly irresponsible at worst. They also do nothing for the standing of the brand. The irony that the company in question had recently been lauded for its sustainability work shouldn’t be lost on anybody.

Chalwa knew that there must be a better way.

Clouberry was born.

You see Chalwa knows a thing or two about corporate gifts. Aside from her background in PR and business development, Chalwa’s previous start-up concept – DerGugl – proved wildly popular with businesses. Some 80% of sales of these small praline-like cakes came from corporate customers. They were clearly desperate for new gift ideas.

Following the launch event incident, Chalwa’s mind was made up – corporate gifting needed an urgent shake-up, and she would be the woman to do it.

Without further ado, Chalwa founded Clouberry in 2019 to drag corporate gifting into the 21st century. Her mission is to give companies access to zeitgeisty and sustainable corporate gifting ideas that move beyond the established norm. She wasted no time in recruiting a crack team of designers, content creators, supply chain managers and sales experts to turn her vision into reality.

The concept

Your gateway to better gifts.

The company’s core business is its online shop. Here, companies can select and customize gifts and giveaways from a carefully curated range of desirable, ethical, recyclable and compostable items. The shop is complemented by consulting on gifting and sustainability for businesses, as well as full-service gifting campaign packages.

This makes it easy for innovative start-ups to offer their products to corporate customers, who in turn can find everything they need for a sustainable and up-to-date gifting strategy from one single source. Everyone wins.

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